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Describe your Faith Journey (the following questions can guide you in doing this) • What do you believe? Think about who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are to you; how you have seen God at work in your life; what grace means to you; struggles you have in your faith; gifts God has given you and how you see yourself sharing these gifts in future, etc. • Who have been “key” people in your faith journey so far? Grandparents… parents… godparents… what is it about them that has moved you to your becoming a Christian? • Who are “key” people for you now? How do they influence you? • What challenges do you see to your faith? Are there ways you can continue to grow in your faith? • How can the Region help you in your journey? What is difficult about being a Christian or active in the church during middle/high school? • What experiences in life have helped you believe/trust in God? What experiences have made your faith stronger? In what ways have you felt God’s goodness in your life up to this point? • One key aspect of our faith is loving our neighbor (service). Faith is made active through love! How do you see yourself serving others throughout your high school years and beyond?
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I understand that if selected to serve as RYC, I will begin my term upon selection in the spring of 2017, and will serve until the end of Youthtopia in 2019. If chosen for RYC, I agree to attend any trainings, camps, retreats, and meetings held by the ALNWFL Region, and fulfill my duties to the best of my ability. I will covenant with my fellow members to support our regional youth in thought, prayer, and deed.