Summer Camp 2017 - Camp Information

This section is designed to provide resources for all those campers and parents who are attending summer camps through The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Alabama-Northwest Florida.  If you have further questions, please contact Nisha Warbington at

2017 Camp Schedule & Fees

Beach Camp - The Lighthouse Retreat Center at the Lighthouse Retreat Center at Romar Baptist Church in Orange Beach, FL

June 1-5, 2017

Tier I: Cost: $285 before May 15th and $310 after May 15th

Tier II: Cost: $335 before May 15th and $360 after May 15th

Tier III: Cost: $385 before May 15th and $410 after May 15th

Download Registration Forms for Beach Camp

Register Online - AVAILABLE April 1st


Traditional Camps - All held at YMCA Camp Chandler

Genesis Camp (K/1st Grade) and Discovery Camp (2nd Grade/3rd Grade) - June 23-25, 2017

Tier I Cost:: $150 before June 1st and $175 after June 1st

Tier II Cost: $175 before June 1st and $200 after June 1st

Tier III Cost: $200 before June 1st and $225 after June 1st

Junior Camp (4th Grade/5th Grade), Chi Rho Camp (6th, 7th, and 8th) and CYF Conference (9th Grade-12th Grade) - June 19-23, 2017

Tier I Cost:: $250 before June 1st and $285 after June 1st

Tier II Cost: $300 before June 1st and $335 after June 1st

Tier III Cost: $350 before June 1st and $385 after June 1st

Download Registration Forms for Traditional Camps

Register Online - AVAILABLE April 1st


Frequently Ask Questions About Camp

How much do camps cost? What Is Tiered Pricing?     

CC (DOC) in ALNWFL works very hard to keep the camp costs as low as possible.  Directors and counselors volunteer their time to serve each summer allowing all camp costs to be used directly for facilities, meals, and supplies.  Beginning Summer 2017, CC (DOC) in ALNWFL is introducing Tiered Pricing.  This pricing system is described below: 

The Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL’s voluntary tiered pricing structure is intended to help families recognize how much a week at camp really costs and then select the level of payment most appropriate for their circumstances. This gives you the ability to choose the tier that is most affordable for your family. No matter which price is selected, all campers receive the same camp experience. 

In the past,  Summer Camp has always been offered at a subsidized rate, which is lower than the actual cost associated with running summer camp. We have been able to do this through the generous support from donations received from individuals, groups, congregations, and endowments dedicated to continuing The Christian Church (DOC) in ALNWFL Outdoor Ministry. They truly support the youth who visit our camp each summer and the impact it has on the lives of countless children, youth, and families.

Our goal in introducing tiered pricing is simple: we want to continue to provide a safe, active, and inclusive Christian community at The Christian Church (DOC) in ALNWFL Summer Camps. This is an opportunity to partner with us to continue our impact for those who value this ministry and wish to help preserve The Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL Summer Camp Experience for generations to come. 

Tiered pricing offers the opportunity for you to take an active role in supporting more closely the true cost of the camp experience and/or helping other campers to have their own Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL Experience, if your financial situation allows. The choice to move up to a different tier is strictly that, a choice to pay a higher amount that more accurately covers the cost of a full week of camp at Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL.

Tier #1 is Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL Summer Camp's historical rate. This rate is a heavily subsidized rate and does not reflect the full per-camper cost associated with providing summer camp programs.
Tier #2 is between the subsidized published camper rate and the full cost of providing a Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL summer camp program for each camper.
Tier #3 accounts for the full cost of providing a Christian Church (DOC) in ALWNFL summer camp program including the expenses of the volunteer counselors’ lodging, meals, and other expenses.

What is a typical day like at Traditional Camp?

Each day will contain large group time, small group time, worship, games, crafts, snacks, meals, waterfront activities like swimming, fishing, canoes, land-based activities like archery and horseback riding.  Each age group also has special traditions, which may include campfires, Talent Show (Junior Camp), Senior Night (CYF), night hike (Chi Rho), and others. Specific schedules can be provided closer to the camp dates.  

I want to register for camps, what should I do?

Beginning 2017, you can either register online beginning April 1st, 2017.  You can also complete a hard copy registration form by selecting the following link for the camp you need, either Traditional Camp or Beach Camp.

I registered for camp, but can't attend.  What's the refund policy?

Refund Policy for events sponsored by the Alabama-Northwest Florida Region (Approved by the Regional Board, February 20, 2010)

100% refund for emergencies, provided that notification is received prior to the beginning of the event; 50% refund for emergencies in which notification(written) is made after the beginning of the event; 100% refund for non-emergencies if requested in writing at least seven days prior to the first day of the event; No refunds will be given for non-emergency cancellations after seven days prior to the beginning of the event. Written requests for refunds must be received by the Regional Office, 861 Highway 52, Helena, AL 35080 (email:, within seven days of the last day of the event.

While refunds are not available other than as outlined in this policy, substitutions will be allowed as long as the original registrant, or responsible adult, is able to locate an eligible participant who is able to take the slot and as long as the original registrant, or responsible adult, communicates this information to the Regional office. The Region will not be responsible in assisting in identifying a substitute. Notification should be provided to the Regional Office as soon as possible and any substitute must complete the necessary paperwork prior to arrival at the event.

My child is attending camp, what specific information do I need about my child's camp?  See sample information below for general information.  2017 information will be posted closer to Summer 2017.  

Junior Camp Information 

Junior Camp Schedule

Discovery Camp Information & Schedule

Genesis Camp Information & Schedule 

CYF Conference Information

Chi Rho Camp Information


What should we bring to Beach Camp?

The same items as for traditional camp will be needed with some minor adjustments.  Bring additional MODEST swimsuits, flip flops, and other beach gear.  Also, bring your own water bottle and drinking cup (if you have a favorite).  You can also bring additional money for shopping, your field trip, and the vending machines.  We will be doing a mission project at South Baldwin Christian Church so bring "work clothes" for that day.  We will also have SKIT NIGHT so bring any props or ideas if you have one that you know in advance you'd like to perform.  

What time should we arrive at camps?

All traditional camps begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 a.m.  Camp Staffs are not prepared to receive campers early so please arrive at 10:00 a.m. on the day your camp begins. Beach Camp begins at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evening.  It ends at 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning.  Any groups arriving early at Beach Camp are welcome to enjoy the facilities until camp begins, but must be chaperoned by parents or group leaders until camp begins as camp staff is not in place to do supervision prior to 7:00 p.m.  

Where can my camper receive mail while at Traditional Camp?

Camper Name

Camp Name (Junior, Chi Rho, CYF, Genesis, Discovery)

YMCA Camp Chandler

1240 Jordan Dam Road

Wetumpka, AL 36092

Does my child need money at camp?  

Each year an offering is taken during the camp weeks for our Regional Youth Fund.  This money is used to support scholarships, special events, and other regional youth needs throughout the year.  This money is collected at the START of camp for anyone desiring to make a donation.

No money is needed at Traditional Camp.  Canteen (snack) prices are included in the cost of the camp, and no additional items are available for purchase at the camp.

Beach campers will need some spending money.  They will have one "fun" day where they will be able to participate in an off-site activity, shop for souvenirs, and buy snacks. Please see the Beach Camp registration form for more details.   

What should we bring (and not bring) to Traditional Camp?

·         Pillows, sheets, blanket or sleeping bag (bunks have twin mattresses)

·         Tennis shoes/ Hiking shoes/ shoes that can get wet

·         Change of clothes for each day- we suggest shorts/shirts, 

       jeans for horseback riding (REQUIRED if RIDING), underwear, T-shirts, 

       sweater/sweatshirt for cooler evenings

·         Water Bottle to be used during the week to stay hydrated

·        MODEST swimsuits, sunscreen, swim goggles

·         Rainy day outfit (just in case!)

·         Bath Towels and wash cloth

·         Personal Items (soap in container, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, etc.)

·         Insect repellent

·         Pajamas

·         Flashlight

·         Bible

·         Money for offering if desired (used for our Regional Youth Fund to provide for the needs of the regional youth).

·         Bag for dirty clothes and plastic bags for wet items (for the trip home)

·         Prescriptions medicine (if medication was not listed on the registration form, please send detailed instructions for camp medical staff)

·         A positive Christian attitude


                 Please DO NOT BRING:

·         Expensive jewelry or other valuable items.  

·         Ipods/ video games/ CELL PHONES - The use of technology at camp will be at the discretion of the camp director.

      In general, technology will not be allowed or will be limited.  Campers assume full responsibility for items brought to camp.

·           Knives/Weapons of any type

·         Food (we will have plenty to eat)

·         Money other than offering - offering money will be collected at check-in.

·         Most of all, a bad attitude